Thursday, March 26, 2009

Really Upset

Im sorry everyone but I have to get this out.
Tonight my sister and I had an arguement. She said some really hurtful things. She went on to say that after Drake passed away we decided to throw a party. We had people over to celebrate Drakes life, I dont know why she would say such a hurtful thing. She then went on to say that a month after Drake passed we went to Disney world and that was a horrible thing to do. We went to Disney as an outlet. We needed to get away before sitting home going insane! Not to mention that we hadnt spent any time with Shawn and he needed a break also. I guess she wouldnt understand that pain and hurt that you feel after loosing something so precious.
All of this on Drakes upcoming Angel day ! I cant believe she would go on with such hurtfull things.
She then went on about how I think I am better than everyone else. Can you believe that ? Yeah I know I have much more class than she will ever have. I have reasons to keep my head held high.
I guess because we dont live off of Fema and the government , and we work for the nice things that we have .We pay our debts we work hard and make sure we make smart decisions in life, I dont curse and disrespect my parents and family, we are bad people to her. Or is she just envious of what we do have?
All I know is that after hanging up the phone and making myself calm down and stop shaking I realized that I am a good person. I am surrounded by family who loves me and would never say such things to me, especially while I am prego. I dont deserve to be talked to like she talked to me. I dont need someone like that in my life. Not only is she so ignorant she will do nothing but try and make herself feel better by hurting me and my family. She is spoiled to the point that everything has to be about her. Well I am sorry Marie life is to short to let you get to me anymore. You can take your hurtfull words and put them where the sun dont shine.


Jaime's World said...

Hi Christy,
Feel free to vent anytime. I have family members that try to make their situations or their friend's situations worse than ours. I totally understand your frustration!
No one really knows what you went through and continue to go through unless they've been in your shoes. No one should be judging you...especially in this type of situation.
I'm so sorry that this has happened to you. Hang in there and don't let others get you down!
Only you know what's best for you!
Sending big hugs your way!

Mom to Gabe and Ayla said...

Christy- ((((hugs))) Good for you for venting. You are a GREAT person, and don't deserve to be spoken to like that. Some people will never understand...they aren't worth the aggravation. Don't let them get to you, and always know I'm around to vent to anytime if you need me!

Fer said...

Oh Christy ((((HUGS))) I am so sorry your sister told you those things, but like Corin said, some people won't ever understand. I am here for you too!

Stephanie said...

Hi Christy,

Like Sheryl said, feel free to vent any time. I can sooooooooooooo relate to your story with your family. I have stories of my own. We should chat sometime...

I'm sending you hugs!

Kamryn Hope's mommy

Maxton's Mommy said...

I am sorry your sister said hurtful things. My son Maxton passed away last week and I feel like people have been judging me all week in terms of how I am grieiving. Last night I sat here and tried to plan a vacation for us. We have been under so much stress since October when we found out about CDH that we need a vacation.. and you better believe I would rather have Maxton here than go on vacation or have him here with me, but I don't, so I do what I can. I completely understand what you mean and don't worry, most people won't ever understand. Apparently I too needed to vent. :-)