Friday, June 26, 2009

Patiently Waiting

Well I went to the Doctors office Wed. She said i was dilated 1 cm. Well of course I was begging that this was enough to just take her. My doctor just laughed and said that if my contractions get 3-5 min apart or if my water broke to go straight in and she would go ahead and take her. If not she would see me Wed. July 1. in the O.R. Well I wasnt laughing.
Last night I started with some contractions. YAY right ? No , it was pain for NOTHING ! They were 12 min apart then dropped off.
Well I am looking forward to meeting this little girl, I know no matter when she gets here its gonna be one of the most emotional days of our lives. Just to hear that sweet cry, Is worth the wait.
On another note... My step-sister is coming in from Texas on Monday. ( Julie, You better be !! :). My dear friend Amy is also expecting any day. I cant wait to see her precious bundle ! She is another CDH mom whos daughter Faith and My son Drake are best of friends in heaven watching out for there new sisters on the way. Amy... I know our babys will be friends no matter the distance as we are.
I still havent picked up the pics from the shower from my friend. I will try and do that this weekend and post them.
Thanks for listening to me rant.


The Creekbaums said...

You are so right! No matter the pain (easy for me to say - I'm still 3 months away) we'll endure! I know Drake is looking down and smiling at his mom and baby sister who'll make her arrival any day now.

Get plenty of rest and keep your feet up because you're about to be very, very busy!!!

Love you,

FaithCDH said...

I know that our girls will share a bond like no other! Because their mama's do too! Sorry to hear that the contractions were painful. That is no fun.

I know we'll keep each other posted!